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Our team serves individuals from a variety of positions through powerful, tax-efficient strategies. We specifically design plans that take advantage of the special place in the tax code that life insurance holds. Whether you are wondering how to sustain and grow your portfolio in preparation for retirement, or you are looking to create more security in your career, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

Personal Planning

What does your next life phase look like? Are you on the brink of retirement and wondering about the future? Are you already in the midst of your retirement and thinking about your legacy? We understand that the strategies used to accumulate wealth are inherently different than those used to distribute wealth. By taking advantage of these strategies, we can help you step into every new phase of life with confidence, knowing that you have an experienced team that has been in your shoes and knows the path to take.

We can help you:

• Accumulate tax-deferred cash for retirement by utilizing life insurance as a separate asset class in your portfolio
• Creatively use life insurance to create a lasting legacy
• Prepare for any disability or long-term care costs
• Integrate our planning expertise with your advisor’s investment management
• Leverage a tax-deferred fixed equity index annuity

Business Planning

For years, business owners and executives have found our team to be a steadfast ally in the face of complex financial planning. Not only does our team have the capability to execute the most complex strategies and services, but we proactively work alongside the business’ existing advisors and CPAs to make sure we are providing a truly comprehensive plan. Our team has also formed a strategic relationship with Marshall & Stevens, one of the nation’s premier business valuation firms. Through this partnership, you have access to exclusive valuation and litigation expertise.

We can help business owners and executives:

• Leverage life insurance to retain and reward their key employees
• Create a comprehensive succession plan that leads to a smooth transition
• Minimize your and your business’ tax exposure
• Valuate your business

Life Appraisal

Annuity Appraisal

Business Planning

Tax Planning

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